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Rossy collabs with Pauline Herr in “Always”

rossy pauline herr

The last time Rossy dropped a song was when she remixed the lost boysClose To You“. Now Rossy is back at with a new pop electro track featuring vocal singing from the 22 year old Pauline Herr.

Rossy new song “Always” is a blend of Trap, Future Bass and Electro. This is what Rossy had to say about the new song:

“This track started with me sending Pauline some lyrics I had wrote when I was trying to make sense of something that just hurt me. She sent me back her vocals and then from there this was created. This song is one of those that takes me back to an exact instance, feeling, and moment. Today, i am SO happy to share it with you all! So much love to you from Pauline and I. We appreciate you more than you know <3”

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