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Rezz Releases Menancing Techno “Dark Ages”


It already festival season and we got new releases. Rezz, “The Queen Of Techno” just released her new song called “Dark Ages“. It is the first song from her new EP Beyond The Senses. “Dark Ages” has Rezz typical signature sound of haunting, electro industrial guitar melodies along with Techno Bass.

This is what Rezz had to say about her new Album:

“’Dark Age‘ was the first song I completed for this project and I think best fits the vibe of the title & visual components which will be integrated into my new show,”  Rezz continues with Billboard Dance “The purpose of Beyond the Senses is to have listeners imagine life beyond the limitations of their basic human senses. Each piece of the project (the music, the tour visuals, and the virtual reality component) will work together to reflect the concept of living beyond your senses.”

Stream “Dark Ages”:


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