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Felmax Keeps Making Noise With “Planetary Devastation”


Felmax keeps getting more attention in the Bass Midtempo scene by keeping his streak of hot releases coming over and over. Constantly unleashing his hard hitting Midtempo, Bass and Dubstep bangers now he is releasing his new song called “Planetary Devastation”


After years of slaying demons, the Demon Child lived a normal life on his new found home “Earth”, completely unaware of what was happening beneath him in the Shadow Realm. All remaining demons made it a mission to go after the Demon Child wherever he was, and to cause total destruction amongst all landscapes resulting in total Planetary Devastation. With a haunting past, the Demon Child knew it was time to unleash his power again, after years suppressing the demon inside him it was finally time to let him out. The battle between demons and the Demon Child went on for exactly 6 days and the Demon Child was victorious but knew he could no longer remain on earth.” -Felmax

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