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Crywolf Angelic “Quixnote” Gets A Demonic Swarm Flip


Around this time last year, Crywolf Alternative/Indie “Quixnot” started making rounds for his fans when it was released. The Native American chants, angelic singing song just got a devilish remix by the Swarm.

The Florida native Swarm kept Crywolf harmonic singing vocals, but adding his signature melancholy, Dark & demonic aggresive sinister guitar bass on the drop to turn it into a nightmare.

“There is something about Quixote in particular that is deeply haunting to me. I could feel my own emotions in every aspect of it – from the cathartic atmosphere to the painfully raw lyrics.

In this Reimagination, I wanted to bring that psychological grit to light in a more aggressive way using with my own background in metal and industrial music.”

take a listen below.

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